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Brexit: What's at Stake for Businesses

19 October 2017

Scottish Government have published a report, Brexit: What's at stake for businesses. This follows months of listening carefully to business voices explaining the potential impacts for them of the UK leaving the EU. 

As the UK edges ever closer to Brexit, the overwhelming impression is of high levels of concern, about not only potential consequences but also the uncertainty and lack of clarity.  This report aims to make these as clear as possible, not only for businesses but also for the general public.  It shows what real companies are wrestling with and highlights what's really at stake for them in terms of people, profit, practicalities and future possibilities they risk missing out on. ‎ These issues need to be clarified and resolved in the EU/UK negotiations. 

We are still encouraging businesses to give us further evidence for both the business publication and a planned future publication on what's at stake for individuals, if you would like to provide us with information, please email:  

To read the report, click on the attachment below.