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Free qualification in Digital Skills

23 September 2017

The nationally accredited NCFE Level 2 Digital Promotion for Business course is fully funded - which means you pay nothing - it is completed through Online Learning of approximately 8 weeks (6-8 hours to complete the course) and is available to any Adult in Scotland aged 16 and over.

The course consists of the following units:

* Digital Promotion for Business § Understanding Search Engine Optimisation for Business

* Coordinating the use of Digital Media for Business

* Coordinating Offline and Digital Media for Business

* Producing Digital Promotional Content for Business § Data Protection and Digital Media for Business § Understanding Social Media

* Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Promotional Activity for Business

The online course is easy to use and simple to follow and learning can take place at your own leisure. So all you need to decide now is whether you are interested in furthering your career, enhancing your job prospects or wish to aid your company in being more profitable.

There are only 2 key requirements in order to be eligible for the full funding of the course:

* Learner must be over 16 years of age 

* Must be a resident of Scotland & resided within any EU country over the last 3 years



To register for the course, it is a simple process.

All we require is each learner go ahead and the following details:

Full Name of Each Learner: Contact Email Address of Each learner: Contact Number of Each Learner.

Once each learner gives permission to forward their details on, they will be emailed within 24/48 hours an enrolment form by the college to complete. Upon completion of the enrolment form each learner will be sent their course login details within 24 hours directly from the Funding Manager.

You can start the course immediately upon receiving these.

Please email your details to

Full details of the course can be found in the attached PDF.