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Supporting People in Financial Hardship

31 October 2017

Supporting people in financial hardship

Over the past few years, there's been huge changes to the benefits system in Britain. 'Full Service Universal Credit' will launch in Edinburgh in June 2018, however, other changes to people's benefits have already begun.

Many people may be affected by the benefit cap, which effectively means that the amount of money they can claim through benefits is limited. If their outgoings are higher than the cap, this could leave them facing financial hardship.

The Discretionary Housing Payment is money the Scottish Government gives to the Council. This fund allows the Council to give additional support to citizens to help them pay their rent for a short period, whilst they adjust to the welfare changes.

If you come in to contact with people who may be showing visible signs of financial hardship, it's important to signpost them to the Advice Shop or Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership (EHAP) early. They can provide advice and support.

Please ask people to contact the advice shop on 0131 200 2360, find out more information on the Council website, visit the EHAP website or call them on 0845 302 4607.